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Pennyroyal Farmstead
  Fall Cheese Sampler
  Boonville, California
  (4 Cheeses) - Sold Out!
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Medal Winning Cheeses at a discount

Pennyroyal Farmstead cheese is part of the Navarro family. It is our farm in Boonville where we craft farmstead cheese from a pampered flock of goats and sheep. Because our cheese is made fresh daily, from our own animals, it reflects the nuances of the season and pasture grasses as the year progresses. Late summer is a transitional time of year because, while our goats continue to produce milk, our sheep have diminished production and we give them a vacation until next spring. That means that our fresh Laychee is now all goat cheese; our aged cheeses currently contain both goat and sheep milk, although the new rounds, which we are currently starting to produce, are all goat milk.

This cheese sampler represents over an eighteen percent discount off retail. It contains 12 ounces of Laychee, a 4.5 ounce Bollie's Mollies, a firm white cheese which surface ripens with a gray-blue surface mold, 7 ounces of Boonter's Blue and a 6 ounce piece of Boont Corners, Reserve, cut from a three pound wheel that has aged over six months in our temperature-controlled cheese cave. Two of these cheeses were awarded very special awards at the end of July: the Pennyroyal's Bollie's Mollies was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2013 International Cheese Awards in England, a lovely honor for Pennyroyal since this competition has been held since 1897 and Pennyroyal cheese was competing with over 4200 cheeses from around the world. Pennyroyal's Boonter's Blue received a Silver Medal at the same competition and then went on to win a Blue Ribbon at the American Cheese Society Competition.
Please note that cheese is shipped separately from wine.

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