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Pennyroyal Farmstead Peppered Moldunes
  Boonville, California
  (6 oz) - Sold Out!
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pH 4.4
Moisture on release 55%
Price 6 oz. round $9.95
Mollies is one of several Boontling terms for the part of female anatomy most associated with milk production. So when we decided to take fresh, un-aged Bollie's Mollies and roll them in finely ground Piment d'Espelette pepper, it only made sense to name them Peppered Moldunes. Moldunes being another Boontling term for that important part of female anatomy! Pasteurized goat milk is cultured with a mixture of lactose fermenting bacteria and inoculated with the spores of a blue-grey mold called Penicillium album. The curds are hand ladled from the vat directly into cheese moulds, one scoop at a time. This traditional hand-ladling is called moulé à la louche (molded with ladle) and even in France, is a dying art. It is what gives this cheese its silky, dense texture. After 48 hours in moulds, the cheeses are put on racks lined with cheesecloth and rotated in a drying room for three days. Unlike Bollie's Mollies, which then go on to age in a temperature controlled aging room for several weeks, Moldunes are then hand coated with a layer of finely ground pepper. Slightly sweet and mildly hot, this locally grown Piment d'Espelette pepper is a nice contrast to the cool tang of the cheese underneath. Lovely served with Estate Bottled Gewürztraminer.

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