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Comments about Navarro's Pre-Release Tasting Program

“By far the best wine club in the U.S. is Navarro Vineyards in Mendocino County (Anderson Valley), and there are various reasons:
1. Superb white wines with great acidity (Gewurztraminer, Riesling, even a dry Muscat!).
2. An outstanding array of balanced red wines including superb Pinot Noirs and numerous other wines.
3. Very reasonable prices. And the only way to get these wines is via the mail since they do not sell at retail.” -Dan Berger, Wine writer

“We've been members of a number of wine clubs over the years - but none of them are nearly as much fun as Navarro's. Each shipment arrives with a great assortment of Navarro varietals - along with an elegantly prepared handbook describing the latest releases - and, sometimes, a surprise treat. In this regard, no other winery or wine club comes close - Ted and Deborah just make it fun to be part of their family. It's no wonder that Navarro mostly sells out to its wine club customers!”

“Love Navarro! My husband and I first went to Navarro on our honeymoon, 1984 and have been members ever since. The wines are fabulous!” -Vivian Kane, Pre-Release member since 1984

“Getting my pre-release packages from Navarro is always a treat!” -Lorrie Ghose, Pre-Release member since 1992

“Thanks so much! Received our pre-release order yesterday and really looking forward to opening the Syrah! Loved the trivet too - won't take long to fill that puppy up!! -Jessica Heller, Pre-Release member since 1989

“I love getting what I call "my little boxes of goodness" twice a year. Love you guys, Love your wines!” -Christie Ross, Pre-Release member since 2007

“A very, VERY belated thank you for the absolutely wonderful mustard! We always look forward to our pre-release box, and it's such a treat to have that 'extra mystery item' in it! This one was especially enjoyed by inveterate mustard lovers. We're not so quick to drink the wine, however. Instead, we enjoy saving our precious bottles for special occasions...” -Nick and Mary Carter, Pre-Release members since 1986

“I also wanted to let you know that we look forward to the wine you send us and we can't wait to taste the different kinds. The 6 bottles we get don't last all that long. You guys and guyesses are doing an excellent job.” -Noel Pearce, Pre-Release member since 2002

“Thank-you so much for putting on such a splendid Deep End Barrel Tasting and Open House!! The wines are wonderful -- all of them. The food was all very delicious and paired well with the wines! The jeep ride gave us a view of the beautiful surroundings from up high. Your hospitality is second to none. We will continue to be Navarro fans -- you have everything right, including the Pinots!! Thanx!!” -Velma Lim, Pre-Release member since 2000

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