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2003 Chardonnay Verjus
  (750 ml) - Sold Out!
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Verjus is green juice extracted from under ripe grapes. It is non-alcoholic with high acidity and a tart apple-like flavor. In the Middle Ages it was widely used as a sauce ingredient, a tenderizer, a condiment and in deglazing. You can use Verjus as you would lemon juice or vinegar in a recipe, but while vinegar may clash with the wine you are serving, Verjus compliments wine.

Is there a favorite chef or kid in your life? At Navarro’s 2002 Pinot Noir Barrel Tasting some of Navarro’s favorite kids were also first-rate chefs.
See our online copy of Navarro’s Verjus cookbook with suggestions from some of Mendocino’s best chefs.

Our daughter likes to pour it over crushed ice, adds some sparkling water and calls it "winemaker’s lemonade." Navarro’s Verjus is particularly first-rate since it is made up from 100% Anderson Valley Chardonnay grapes. Verjus should be refrigerated after opening. To best preserve open bottles for longer than a week or two, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. This is an ingredient that should thrill the chef in your house.

Harvested: Sept. 2, 2003 Sugars at harvest: 12.9° Brix
Bottled: Oct. 3, 2003 Titratable acidity: 17.1 gm./liter
pH: 2.90

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