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2004 Gewürztraminer Grape Juice
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Navarro has been making vintage dated, varietal Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer grape juice for twenty six years. When you make juice from top notch varietals you end up being subject to the same market vicissitudes as winemakers. In 2004 Navarro's vines bore 30% less fruit than normal. Fortunately plenty of Pinot Noir has been planted in the Anderson Valley during the last decade. When we realized that we would be short on grapes for juice, we hustled to buy some extra Pinot Noir from a neighboring field.

A reader of Tom Sietsema's food column for the Washington Post recently questioned why more restaurants don't carry non-alcoholic wines. Tom responded and concluded his answer by saying "But more enjoyable facsimiles are the unfermented, true-tasting grape juices (made with gewürztraminer or pinot noir grapes) bottled by Navarro Vineyards, which can be sipped on the rocks or with sparkling water."
We and our guests enjoy having Navarro kids serve food at Navarro's Pinot Noir Futures Barrel Tasting for Pre-Release members each August. Navarro's grape juice will give you something special to serve your favorite kids and adults this holiday season.

We harvested the grapes early in the morning when they were still cold and crushed them into a tank to soak overnight to extract color and flavor from the skins. Perhaps it's the low yields or the warm end to the season... whatever the reason, this juice's flavors are stunningly similar to wine. We weren't so lucky finding extra Gewürztraminer. Seems like the only new plantings of this variety in the Anderson Valley are Navarro's; we simply couldn't purchase any additional Mendocino Gewürztraminer grapes. We added 5% estate grown Muscat Blanc to augment Gewürztraminer's floral notes and boost the acidity for a crisp finish. We only produced about 60% of normal but kids and adults alike will agree that what we made is delicious.

Harvested: Aug. 25 to Sept. 21, 2004 Sugars at harvest: 20.0° Brix
Bottled: Oct. 05, 2004 Titratable acidity: 6.6 g/liter
pH: 3.14

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