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2006 Pinot Noir Grape Juice
  (750 ml) - Sold Out!
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Milk and honey Recent Press

It was milk that led Navarro to make varietal grape juice. Back in the seventies one of our children was diagnosed with a milk allergy. One September Deborah was unloading a wiggly toddler and a grocery bag full of frozen juice from the minivan. Ted pointed out that a 1500 gallon tank of newly pressed Gewürz juice was sitting nearby. On the spot we decided to bottle some before it fermented and it has been pleasing kids and adults at our tasting room and some of the country's finest restaurants ever since. Navarro's grape juice is cold stabilized the same way we make dessert wines, so the flavors are remarkably fresh. It will remind you of popping a ripe grape into your mouth. The Pinot Noir has strawberry/rhubarb overtones and the Gewürztraminer tastes more like lychee or tropical fruit.
"Hi! I just wanted to say thank you. Every summer, my family and I drive up to our house in Fort Bragg. But on the way, we make sure we stop at your winery. I'm 12 yrs old and my parents have been taking my brother and me to wineries for years! But your winery's friendly people and awesome grape juice make your winery my family and my favorite. So thank you for being there, and we'll see you soon! Sincerely, Stephanie D. 12 yrs old" July 26, 2006 email.
A young Navarro visitor gets a close up view of Ariel and acquires a better understanding of just where goat's milk comes from.

Verjus CookbookThe two juices have a honeyed sweetness and tart finish so you may wish to serve them over ice or with sparkling water. The Verjus is extremely acidic because it is made from green grapes. Verjus can be sipped like lemonade but since the Middle Ages it has been used as a sauce ingredient, a meat tenderizer, a condiment and as a component of salad dressing. We have just republished a small complimentary cookbook that will give you ideas on how to use it. Both juices and the Verjus come in 750ml bottles and are $11 per bottle.
We harvest Pinot Noir cold then destem the clusters into a chilled stainless steel tank. We let the must macerate overnight to extract color from the skins.
After racking off the free run juice, Natalie is shoveling the pomace into bins for transport to the press.

Harvested: Aug. 29 to Sept. 25, 2006 Sugars at harvest: 20.4° Brix
Bottled: Oct. 10 & 11, 2006 Titratable acidity: 9.0 g/L
pH: 3.10

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