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2007 Grape Juices
  (Gewüztraminer) - Sold Out!
  (Pinot Noir) - Sold Out!
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Wine grape juices don't have to be fermented to be savored and at Navarro we've met a bunch of kids and home chefs with an astute ability to taste. Twenty five years ago we made our first Gewürztraminer grape juice planning to serve it to children visiting the tasting room with their families. It was such a big hit with adults that within a few years we added Pinot Noir so that we could serve both a white and a red. About the same time a local chef asked us to make Chardonnay Verjus, a tart green grape juice that has been used for centuries to make sauces and marinades. Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer, once the lowest priced grapes, are now the two most expensive varieties grown in Anderson Valley and the price of Chardonnay doesn't lag far behind. The juice from these small-berried wine varieties is particularly delicious but grape prices have limited the amount we can produce. What makes Navarro juice a standout is that we are just as fussy about how it tastes as Navarro wine.

Pinot Noir juice tastes like rhubarb strawberry jam and it will please the whole family. Gewürztraminer juice smacks of lichee, peach and lime. Your kids will find them as interesting as pet goats.

Juice Samplers

Choose either 3 or 6 bottles each of Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir juice as a delicious beverages.

6 Bottle Sampler: $55.00 Savings of $11.00
12 Bottle Sampler: $99.00 Savings of $33.00

Navarro is just as serious about making juice as wine and we have many grown-up grape juice enthusiasts.

The tart Verjus will add a lemony zing to anything you are cooking and is a good substitute for vinegar in a wine friendly meal. Oh baby, these juices aren't just kids' stuff!

A few years ago we began bottling juice with synthetic corks to minimize mold problems. Three years later we agreed that the juice sealed with a natural cork was fresher, perhaps because of a tighter seal. This 2007 bottling is back to natural corks which are being inspected by Navarro's winemaker and Mariella Ganau , a third generation cork supplier from Sardinia where thriving cork forests help keep the island green and ecologically balanced.

Harvested: Pinot: Sept. 30, 2007
Gewüz: Sept. 5, 2007
Sugars at harvest: Pinot: 20.0° Brix
Gewüz: 20.3° Brix
Bottled: Pinot: Oct. 24, 2007
Gewüz: Oct. 25, 2007
Titratable acidity: Pinot: 8.5 g/L
Gewüz: 8.0 g/L
pH: Pinot: 3.10
Gewüz: 3.05

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