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We like to make something special for everyone who visits Navarro's tasting room. If you have ever read the additives on the side of a soda pop bottle, you can guess why we decided to make our own grape juices when our children were young. We now have served it to generations of kids and adults alike and it never fails to delight with its fresh, unadulterated flavors. We chose varieties that we grow right here in our own backyard. The Gewürztraminer juice is floral and golden and will make you think you have a honeysuckle blossom in the glass. The Pinot Noir juice is a striking garnet color and reminds us of rhubarb-strawberry pie. They are both fruit-sweet but sufficiently tart so they don't cloy. Serve over ice with a sprig of mint for a holiday treat or consider freezing it for a sorbet.
[left] Try the GVspritzer: 20% chilled Verjus, 20% Gewürztraminer Juice, and 60% sparkling water. The fresh Gewürztraminer flavor dominates, the Verjus adds a citrusy tart finish, and the bubbles make it worthy of a celebration.
Fresh, ripe varietal wine grapes grown in one of California's best appellations are the main reason Navarro's juice tastes so delicious. We cold filter to retain freshness and varietal flavors. [below]

Verjus CookbookThe Verjus has its origins in the Middle Ages where tart green grape juice was used as a condiment, not unlike lemon juice. It was particularly useful if you lived in Northern Europe and couldn't grow citrus. We like to deglaze pans with the Verjus, especially for fish and poultry, and make a sauce from the drippings. Juices are bottled in 750 ml bottles and are $11.00.