• 2013 Pennyroyal Farmstead
    Cheese Sampler
    Boonville, California
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Aging gracefully

One reason our ancestors started fermenting grape juice for wine, and milk for cheese, was to extend the fruits of the harvest into winter. Pennyroyal Farmstead is our family's farm in Boonville where we craft farmstead cheese from a pampered flock of goats and sheep. Pennyroyal goats have a “maternity leave” from Christmas until late February, which means our first fresh Laychee isn’t available until spring.

Boont Corners are rounds of raw milk cheese which have been turned and wiped while resting in the cellar; the Boont Corners has aged at least two months, the Vintage at least four months and the Reserve at least six. Treat yourself to a cheese tasting (6 oz. wedges each of the Boont Corners, Vintage and Reserve as well as a 6 oz. tub of fresh Laychee) and see how the rounds, as they dry and age, change from being creamy and tangy, to firmer with sharper flavors and finally become sweeter and nuttier. Top it off with a tub of fresh cheese of summer.
Please note that cheese must be shipped separately from wine.