• 2014 Pinot Noir
    Deep End Blend
    Anderson Valley, Mendocino
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    • (1.5 L Magnum) Sold Out!
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Navarro's Deep End Pinot is stylistically different from the Méthode à l'Ancienne bottling, much the result of growing grapes up in the hills versus down in the valley. Navarro's regime for the Méthode style developed between 1983 and 1996; during that period we produced many experimental lots to figure out how to maximize wine quality produced from Pinot Noir grapes grown down on the valley floor. In the mid 90's we decided to expand our Pinot Noir production by creating new vineyards up on the hills. The microclimate in our upper vineyards is cooler than the valley floor, with a longer growing season; the vines bud out earlier and the crop is generally harvested later. We began our experimentation again. The regime that we developed for the Méthode wine was our starting point and over the years we've tweaked that recipe for the Deep End fruit. The first bottling from the upper vineyards was in 1998; we realized that the hillside fruit's flavor profile was best matched with exactly the same barrels and cooper as the valley fruit. The biggest change came several years later when we discovered that the wine produced from our hillside fruit

The 2014 Deep End Pinot is a cuvée created by blending the twelve best lots from Navarro's Pinot Noir hillside vineyards. Four different vineyard sites, four different Pinot clones and four different rootstocks; each one adding complexity to the final blend.
Sarah and Mark putting bagged wines in numerical order. [below] On this morning Navarro's tasting panel is evaluating a dozen 2013 Anderson Valley Pinot Noirs priced from $40 to $85.

was better after sixteen months of barrel aging rather than eleven months aging for Méthode à l'Ancienne wines. In addition, the Deep End Pinots are aged in a higher percentage of new barrels than the Méthode wines and are wholly bottled unfiltered. Get lost meandering down this wine's complex flavor paths: plum, strawberry, clove, pomegranate, vanilla, cocoa and chanterelles. Gold Medal winner. Best of Class. 93 points.

[above] Navarro's highest vineyard, the Marking Corral, is perched 1000 feet above the valley floor; this “ocean view” site is cooled daily by ocean breezes and is one of our last fields to ripen. The wine produced by three sub-blocks in the Marking Corral accounts for a third of this Deep End bottling.

  • Harvested: Sept. 10 to 16, 2014
  • Sugars at harvest: 25.4° Brix
  • Bottled: Feb. 18, 2016
  • Cases produced: 1,335
  • Alcohol: 14.3%
  • Titratable acidity: 6.1 g/L
  • pH: 3.61