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2015 Pinot Noir Futures
  Deep End Blend
  Anderson Valley, Mendocino
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Deep End from Lofty Heights

Since the 1994 vintage, the best part of Navarro's Pinot Noir has been pre-sold a year before release. We call our favorite Pinot Noir the Deep End Blend. Deep End is an old Boontling term for the chilly, northwestern edge of the Anderson Valley where the grapes, cooled by ocean breezes, mature slowly and ripen late. This wine is a blend of our best lots from our best Deep End vineyards, aged in our best barrels, so it is a special wine that we can only produce in a limited quantity. Each of Navarro's vineyard sites was harvested separately by clonal selection within the block. Due to an early season and a light crop, Pinot Noir ripened in early September 2015. Because of a cold, windy May, berry size was smaller than in recent vintages; this increased ratio of skins to juice produced concentrated wines with excellent varietal character. We began picking at midnight each night. Due to a lighter crop, and the pressure of harvesting at peak ripeness, we completed our Deep End Pinot harvest in a record four days. The wine produced from Navarro’s upper, ocean-influenced vineyards, with cooler daytime temperatures and a longer growing season, constitutes about three quarters of the final blend.

[above] Tasting a barrel sample before a wine is packaged and bottle-aged requires skill and imagination. It takes experience to predict how a wine will taste a year down the road. Navarro's Pre-Release members have practiced the art of barrel sampling Navarro Pinot Noir since the 1994 vintage at the August Futures Offering and Barrel Tasting and they end up ordering the lion's share.
Please note: The 2015 Deep End Blend is not available for pick up or delivery until August, 2017. Shipping and tax are paid at time of delivery.
Navarro's Marking Corral vineyards are located about 1200 feet above the valley floor. Ocean breezes, southwest-facing slopes, well-drained soil, planted in 115, 667 and 777 clonal selections, makes these Pinot Noirs, produced from grapes nourished in lofty heights. [below]

Selling Navarro's Deep End Blend Pinot Noir as futures to our web friends allows us to reserve our best Pinot Noir to our most connected customers at an old-fashioned price. We will bottle the 2015 Deep End Blend in February 2017, then age it in our cellar another six months. Wine purchased as futures will be available for pick up or delivery in 2017 from mid-August until November. Price does not include sales tax or shipping which will be collected when the wine is shipped. The futures offering ends when the quantities set aside are fully subscribed and no later than August 31, 2016. Futures are available in a three pack, six pack, twelve pack or two bottle magnum pack.

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