• 2016 Non-Alcoholic Grape Juices
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If you had told us when we went into the wine business forty-two years ago that one of Navarro's most popular products would be non-alcoholic grape juice, we would have thought you were kidding. In fact, it was the birth of our own kids that inspired us to make yummy grape juice from premium varietal grapes. A whole new generation of kids, and adults too, have enjoyed the juices since we first produced them in 1981. The Gewürztraminer is golden, with aromas of honeysuckle and roses. The Pinot Noir is a lovely garnet color and reminds us of strawberry-rhubarb pie. Both are delicious mixed with sparkling water and the cork-finished bottle will make even your youngest taster feel special. Heck, we even know some naughty adults who like to use our Navarro juices to concoct special cocktails. The Verjus is much tarter than the other two juices and is made from thinning out green grapes in our vineyards early in the season so the remaining grapes ripen evenly. It is a viticultural and culinary trick that dates from the Middle Ages.

A bin of ripe Gewürz being dumped into the destemmer. [right] As soon as we destem, we immediately press the grapes and the juice is chilled to under 30°F to prevent any fermentation.

Navarro's first juices were produced for our children, who sometimes ran a weekend juice stand outside of the tasting room. Now our granddaughters, Emilia and Zoë (right) carry on this entrepreneurial tradition, this time helped by friends Alisa and Dylan.
[left] Our twenty-month old grandson Zephyr is getting hands-on experience testing the Gewürz for ripeness in 2016.

Verjus is acidic like vinegar or lemon juice, but with more complexity; try it in your favorite sauce, marinade or salad dressing. If you love a nice child (or even a naughty adult) and you want to please them for the holidays, Navarro juices just may be the ticket.