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2018 Grape Juices
  Non-alcoholic & made from wine grapes
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We served Navarro's first juice in our tasting room in 1981 and we were delighted that adults as well as children enjoyed Gewürztraminer's lychee-peach flavors. A few vintages later we introduced a red grape juice so that our friends of all ages could also enjoy Pinot's strawberry-plum-rhubarb flavors. It's not difficult to make non-alcoholic grape juice; the grapes are harvested and quickly pressed, and then the juice immediately chilled so that no fermentation occurs. The difficulty is in successfully bottling juice. Conveniently holding cold juice in a tank until after harvest—when yeast cells aren't everywhere—isn't an option as juice is a perfect fermentation medium. At Navarro we've learned that juice must be bottled within a week or two after harvesting. Grapes for juice are picked early in the season but by the time we are ready to bottle juice, we are harvesting other grapes and our tanks are bubbling with fermenting wine. To minimize yeast spores in the bottling area, these lots are fermented at the other end of the winery.

Red pollen mother cells turning into pollen on a Gewürz primordial grape flower before the flower begins to bloom (right). The red pigment is the result of chlorophyll production lagging behind the rapid growth of the grapevine. A few weeks later, the entire cluster is in bloom (left) and the mature pollen is now yellow. Although their fragrance is faint, several thousand vines in full bloom can definitely make a sensory impression.

The third generation [above] practicing their entrepreneurial skills. Navarro's juice has always been a hit with our family. We hope it is a big hit with yours.

We try to keep the bottles, corks, worker's garments and the bottling area as sterile as possible, but we are nervous for the first month or two as we make sure there are no in-the-bottle fermentations before release. Pinot Noir and Gewürztraminer juices can be drunk straight, over rocks or with sparkling water. Verjus is almost as acidic as lemon juice or vinegar and can replace them in cooking, but we also enjoy it with sparkling water—and perhaps a splash of Gewürz juice—to produce a tart spritzer. Navarro juices should be refrigerated after opening. All three juices are available in 750 ml bottles. $13.00.

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