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2020 Verjus
  Juice from green grapes
  (750 ml) - Sold Out!
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Verjus was discovered in the Middle Ages as a way to acidify foods, especially if you lived in the part of Europe that could grow grapes but not lemon trees. The berries in a grape cluster are hard at 10° or 11° Brix with no extractable juice; at 12° or 13° Brix they start to soften and can be harvested with maximum acidity for Verjus. We use Verjus at home as a replacement for vinegar or lemon juice—since the acid is malic rather than citric, the Verjus flavor is apple-like. This vintage of verjus was produced from first-crop Pinot Noir grapes and the juice has a blush from the Pinot skins. Refrigerate after opening; verjus is typically delicious for several weeks and can also be frozen in an ice-cube tray for longer term use.
Navarro Verjus Cookbook PDF

If you would like some recipes of how verjus is used in cooking, please download a PDF recipe booklet. [right]

Harvested: Aug. 18, 2020 Sugars at harvest: 12.8° Brix
Bottled: Sept. 22, 2020 Cases produced: 271
Alcohol: 0.0% Residual sugars: 12.8%
Titratable acidity: 19.8 g/L pH: 2.59

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