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Pennyroyal Farmstead Cheese Sampler, Guaranteed Farm Fresh!
  Where every goat has a name
  (7Cheeses) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Cheese, Farm-to-Table Program
  Where every ewe has a name
Pennyroyal Farmstead Laychee, Boonville, California
  Every goat has a kid or two
  (6 oz tub) Sold Out!

  (12 oz tub) Sold Out!

  (2 lb) Sold Out!

  (Chive Flower Laychee) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Bollie’s Mollies, Boonville, California
  Ladled by hand
  (4.5 oz round) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Boont Corners, Boonville, California
  Hard pressed for winter
  (6 oz, 2-Month) $11.25 Buy Now!

  (6 oz, Vintage) $15.00 Buy Now!

  (6 oz, Reserve) $16.88 Buy Now!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Boonter's Blue, Boonville, California
  Vein of truth
  (7 oz wedge) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Velvet Sister, Boonville, California
  (6 oz round) Sold Out!
Four Cheese Sampler Pack,
  Four Cheese Sampler Pack
  (Four Pack) Sold Out!

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