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Pennyroyal Farmstead Cheese Sampler, Guaranteed Farm Fresh!
  Where every goat has a name
  (6 Cheeses) $75.00 Buy Now!
Pennyroyal Cheese, Farm-to-Table Program
  Where every ewe has a name
Pennyroyal Farmstead Laychee, Boonville, California
  Every goat has a kid or two
  (6 oz tub) $8.95 Buy Now!

  (12 oz tub) $15.50 Buy Now!

  (2 lb) $36.00 Buy Now!

  (Chive Flower Laychee) $8.95 Buy Now!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Bollie’s Mollies, Boonville, California
  Ladled by hand
  (4.5 oz round) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Boont Corners, Boonville, California
  Hard pressed for winter
  (6 oz, 2-Month) $11.25 Buy Now!

  (6 oz, Vintage) $15.00 Buy Now!

  (6 oz, Reserve) Sold Out!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Boonter's Blue, Boonville, California
  Vein of truth
  (7 oz wedge) $13.00 Buy Now!
Pennyroyal Farmstead Velvet Sister, Boonville, California
  (6 oz round) $15.95 Buy Now!
Four Cheese Sampler Pack,
  Four Cheese Sampler Pack
  (Four Pack) $65.00 Buy Now!

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