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We produced our first varietal grape juice in 1980 with children in mind. Turns out, adults enjoy the juices just as much. Thanks to an ever-growing interest in non-alcoholic cocktails, or "mocktails," we have been delighted to see mixologists turn to our grape juices for inventive alcohol-free drinks. On their own or mixed into mocktails, these juices are perfect for all ages. Gewürztraminer juice is floral with tropical fruit and citrus flavors whereas the Pinot Noir juice is plummy with hints of strawberry and rhubarb. Verjus is harvested as soon as the Chardonnay berries soften; it is very acidic and can replace lemon juice in recipes. All three juices are available in 750 ml bottles which should be refrigerated after opening. $17.00 per bottle.

[above] Maura, a staff member in our tasting room, makes spritzers with Verjus, her homemade Blackberry syrup and soda water.
Sophia, accompanied here by her ever-present friend Freida, is a master gardener responsible for Navarro and Pennyroyal Farm gardens. [below] Among her other skills is sheep-herding, and along with her other dog Queue, she tends to our sizeable flock. Sophia grew up in the Anderson Valley and drank Navarro grape juice as a youngster.

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The Rattlesnake Bar in Fearing's Restaurant in Dallas features a non-alcoholic cocktail—the "Fortuity"—made with Navarro Pinot Noir Grape Juice, Orgeat almond syrup, lemon juice and tonic water.

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The Alcove Restaurant in Boston offers an alcohol-free cocktail called "No Wake" featuring Navarro Gewürztraminer Grape Juice, tiki spice, citrus and soda water.

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Millenium Restaurant in San Francisco offers a non-alcoholic cocktail with four large mint leaves, three ounces of Navarro Pinot Noir Grape Juice, soda water and a lemon twist.