• 2010 Grenache
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Red goblet

We've produced Grenache at Navarro for fifteen years but this is only our third bottling of a robustly red Grenache. Most of the Grenache grapes we've crushed and fermented have been for Navarro's Mendocino Rosé. The remainder was turned into red wine but typically the wines we've produced have been blended each year into Navarrouge. Many of the Grenache vines in Mendocino County are either heavily productive clones, planted on rich soil, or the variety is Grenache Gris rather than Noir. Gris produces solid rosé wines, but at least for Navarro, Grenache Gris vines have not produced a red wine deserving of being bottled as a distinct varietal. In 2007 we had an opportunity to purchase Grenache Noir from Dark Horse Vineyards and we've been coming back every vintage since. The vines are planted on well drained, not-too-fertile volcanic soil, perfect for classy red wines. Gold Medal winner. Best of Class.

[left] Jim Klein and Jason Dolan. Although Dark Horse's Grenache vineyard is modern with drip irrigation and the top-rated clones planted on rootstocks matched to the soils, note that the vines are trained to the old fashioned goblet, just like the grizzly vines in the Rhône. The Dolan family takes pride in farming their vineyard biodynamically.

  • Harvested: Oct. 2 to 18, 2010
  • Sugars at harvest: 25.9 ° Brix
  • Bottled: Aug. 29, 2011
  • Cases produced: 273
  • Alcohol: 14.8%
  • Titratable acidity: 6.2 g/L
  • pH: 3.74