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2014 Holiday Cheese Sampler
  Pennyroyal Farmstead
  Boonville, California
  (6 cheeses) - Sold Out!
  (6 cheeses) - Sold Out!
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Unfortunately this product is no longer available!
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Holiday Cheese Sampler

Pennyroyal's Holiday Sampler contains a spectrum of cheeses, fresh and aged, which are sure to please the young and young at heart who gather for winter celebrations. Send a special gift or treat yourself.

Farmstead Cheese Sampler
$66.00 Delivered!*
We pack these six cheeses with cold packs in insulated containers, and ship using one-day service. It will arrive at your home or office fresh from the farm. Guaranteed.
[ Sorry, Sold Out. ]
*Northern California: FREE Shipping
West of the Rockies $29.00 Shipping
East of the Rockies $35.00 Shipping
Cheese and wine must be shipped separately
All in the family: Pennyroyal cheese and Navarro wines. [below]

Please note, we have sold out of Bollie's Mollies and replaced it with Velvet Sister as the same price.

Each sampler contains six pieces of cheese:

Laychee (6 oz.): A soft, fresh cheese from pasteurized milk similar to chèvre with a tangy, citrusy taste. Gold Medal winner.

Velvet Sister (6 oz.): A Camembert inspired, mold-ripened cheese, with bold mushroom flavors that develops a creamy texture as it ripens.

Boonter's Blue (7 oz.): A blue vein cheese made with cultured, raw goat milk which is aged a minimum of 60 days. Silver Medal winner.

Boont Corners, Two Month (6 oz.), Vintage (6 oz., aged over 120 days) and Reserve (6 oz., aged over 180 days): Fresh, raw milk is formed into three pound wheels which are aged two months or longer. Over time, Boont Corners' flavor becomes nuttier, more complex and the texture grows firmer. Gold Medal winners.

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