• 2014 Pinot Grigio
    Anderson Valley, Mendocino
    • (750 ml) Sold Out!
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Customers sometimes inquire as to the difference between Navarro's Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio. Traditionally, wines labeled as Grigio are leaner and more acidic than their fuller-bodied Gris counterparts. In addition to harvesting the Grigio grapes a little less ripe to facilitate the lighter-bodied style, the grapes for Navarro's Gris bottling are grown in ocean-influenced Philo, whereas the Grigio grapes are grown in warmer Boonville. If you visited Navarro's tasting room from 1985 through 1999 you most likely know the person who grew these grapes. Jody retired from Navarro in 1999 and now grows grapes at her Helluva Vineyard in Boonville. We're sure she's busier in retirement than when she worked at Navarro. Producing and drinking wine from grapes grown by a long-time friend adds meaning to the experience. The wine's lightness, combined with hazelnut, lime zest and pineapple flavors, makes it a perfect summer sipper. Silver medal winner.
Jody Williams owns and operates Helluva Vineyards in Boonville where we source grapes for Navarro's Pinot Grigio bottlings. This photo of Jody (foreground) was taken in 1997 when she worked in Navarro's tasting room. [below]

  • Harvested: Sept. 5 & 6, 2014
  • Sugars at harvest: 23.5° Brix
  • Bottled: May 4, 2015
  • Cases produced: 552
  • Alcohol: 13.2%
  • Residual sugars: 0.25%
  • Titratable acidity: 7.9 g/L
  • pH: 3.28