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Holiday Cheese Sampler

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and that means the season of decadent meals and hours spent enjoying the company of friends and family. Fall on the farm means heavy rains, lush pastures, and milk that becomes rich in fat and protein… perfect for making cheese for holiday tables! Our Holiday Cheese Sampler features a rich and creamy 6oz Laychee, a gooey Velvet Sister, a wedge of our Boonter’s Blue, and a trio of Boont Corners wedges, 2 Month, Vintage (aged 5+ months), and Reserve (aged 12+ months). There’s something for everyone, so you can deck your table with the perfect plate of cheese for any holiday party or meal. Also makes a fabulous gift for the epicurean or cheese enthusiast in your life!

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Sampler Includes:

Laychee (6 oz.): Soft, fresh chèvre-like cheese from pasteurized goat milk with a tangy, citrusy zing.

Velvet Sisters (6 oz.): A camembert style surfaced-ripened cheese. Bright and creamy with a hint of mushroom.

Boonters Blue, (6 oz.): Gentle, minerally blue with grassy, floral notes and thick veining that doesn't overpower.

Boont Corners, 2 month (6 oz.): Made from fresh raw goat milk into three pound wheels which are aged over two months.

Boont Corners, Vintage (6 oz.): Made from fresh raw goat and sheep milk and aged 5 months; sharp and tangy flavors.

Boont Corners, Reserve (6 oz.): Aged over 180 days from fresh raw goat milk, the texture is hard and the flavors multifaceted.