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Pennyroyal Cheese
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Where every ewe has a name

Early summer is peak milk production on the farm, when a doe can produce upwards of a gallon of milk per day. This year we were pleasantly surprised that our ewes are also producing more milk, nearly half a gallon each per day, double their production from last year! At Pennyroyal, every goat has a name, and this spring our sheep finally got name tags, something the goats have worn for years. Studies have correlated naming with increased milk production on dairies. Perhaps this is because farmers who name their animals are also more inclined to provide an elevated level of care. We have a hunch that being talked to and called by name, causes an increase in their milk production.
Farm to Table Program
$250.00 Delivered!*
Guaranteed Farm Fresh!

We pack cheeses with cold packs in insulated containers, and ship using one-day service. Five time a year it will arrive at your home or office fresh from the farm. Guaranteed.

*California $250.00
West of the Rockies $320.00
East of the Rockies $350.00

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Cheese and wine must be shipped separately.
Raul Carrillo setting up for the morning milking. The term "farmstead" is the dairy equivalent to the winery term "estate bottled"; Pennyroyal cheeses are produced exclusively from the pampered animals we milk. [below]

Regardless, naming our girls makes us spoil them even more, and we are glad the sheep have become a more integral part of our cheesemaking. Pennyroyal cheeses are being served at some of the Bay Area's nicest restaurants: Ad Hoc, AQ, A16, Bar Agricole, Central Kitchen, Foreign Cinema, La Folie, JoLe, The Girl & the Fig, Zazu and Zuni Café.

[above] Sarah, Erika and several friendly goats. We work hard developing an outstanding herd, producing goats and sheep with luscious, high butterfat milk.

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