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Pennyroyal Farmstead Boont Corners
  Boonville, California
  (6 oz, 2-Month) - Sold Out!
  (6 oz, Vintage) - Sold Out!
  (6 oz, Reserve) - Sold Out!
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Hard pressed for winter

Pennyroyal's Boont Corners is inspired by the large wheels of cheese, made in the mountains of France, as a means of preserving the nutrients of abundant summer milk for the lean winter season. We are able to produce Boont Corners from raw goat and sheep milk because it is aged at least sixty days (and sometimes up to ten months) in compliance with national cheese safety regulations. The curds are low in moisture and slightly acidic, which enhances their ability to age. Curds are cut and stirred for over an hour to encourage removal of the moisture and then they are scooped into large moulds for pressing to remove more whey. The young wheels are submerged in brine for 11 and a half hours and transferred to pine shelves in a cold, humid room to age. Wooden planks continue to pull moisture from the cheese, drying the rind into a mottled, protective layer. Sold as Two Month, Vintage and Reserve, Boont Corners changes from sweet and pliable, to a hard cheese for grating with hints of salty caramel. Serve with Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. Best Hard Cheese (Boont Corners Vintage) at California State Fair 2014, Gold Medal.

Erika carefully places Boont Corners on traditional pine planks to age for winter. The planks help pull moisture from the tommes.

pH 5.0
Moisture 52% (2 Month)
Moisture 47% (4 Month Vintage)
Moisture 42% (6 Month Reserve)

Price (2 Month) (6 oz.) $9.50
Price (Vintage) (6 oz.) $15.00
Price (Reserve) (6 oz.) $16.88

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