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Pennyroyal Farmstead
  Cheese Sampler
  Anderson Valley, Mendocino
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Pennyroyal cheese is made daily in the creamery where we culture fresh milk in small fifty gallon vats. Making cheese in small batches, from our own goats and sheep, means the cheesemaker can keep a close eye on every step in the process. The creamery includes a receiving room, a main work space, a drying room and two aging rooms, each with separate temperature and humidity controls powered by the sun. Goats produce milk for only ten months of the year and the sheep for merely five. The time off helps the animals stay healthy during their natural breeding cycle. The taste of the milk also changes with the seasonal changes in the pasture grasses. Boontling is a local folk language originating in Boonville beginning in the late 19th century and our cheeses are named for Boontling landmarks. Two of our cheeses, Laychee (Available in Spring ) and Bollie's Mollies (Available in Spring ), are made from pasteurized milk. Two other cheeses, Boont Corners (Available now) and Boonter's Blue(Available now) are aged for over sixty days, which allows us to safely use raw milk.

In January and February our goats and sheep are on "maternity leave" so no fresh cheese is available. This is the season when we delve into our complex aged cheeses. Pennyroyal Farm's Winter Farmstead Cheese Sampler includes our Boont Corners at three distinct ages and is a great opportunity to see how hard cheeses change during the cellaring process. The sampler pack includes Boont Corners 2 Month (12 oz), Boont Corners Vintage (6 oz) which is aged at least 4 months and Boont Corners Reserve (12 oz), cellared over 8 months.

Newly formed Boont Corners rounds being placed in an aging room. [below] Although our creamery is tiny and designed for a small flock of sheep and goats (the milking equivalent of ten cows), it is a state-of-the-art facility with aging rooms as constant in temperature and humidity as the deepest French caves. All the energy needs are fulfilled by solar panels.

The 2 month was made in November from pure goat milk, while the Boont Corners Vintage and Reserve are both from the summer time when we were milking both our goats and our sheep. The youngest Boont Corners tastes creamy and tangy, at the Vintage stage the cheese is firmer and the flavors are sharper and after six months, the Boont Corners Reserve is sweet, nutty, slightly salty and dry enough to grate.

We ship cheeses in cool, insulated cartons and we will notify you via email in advance of any shipment so that you can reschedule delivery if no one will be at your home or office to refrigerate cheese upon arrival. Wine and cheese must be shipped separately. To learn more about Pennyroyal's Farm to Table Program visit www.PennyroyalFarm.com.

Winter Sampler includes: 12 oz 2 Month Boont Corners, 6 oz Vintage Boont Corners and 12 oz Reserve Boont Corners)

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