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Pennyroyal Farmstead Cheese Sampler
  Boonville, California
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A slice of cheese

Pennyroyal Farm is committed to producing handcrafted cheeses exclusively from goats and sheep that are raised at our own family farm. The milking parlor and barn are steps away from the creamery, where the milk is transformed into cheese within hours of milking. This summer we are busy working on a new visitor's facility at the creamery, but until we open, this sampler is the best way to see what the goats, sheep and cheesemaker have been up to. The current sampler includes both fresh young cheeses, produced from this year's milk and hard cheeses that have been patiently aged and turned on wooden planks in our cellar for months.

Erika Scharfen, cheesemaker, is lifting the stainless tank that contains the morning milk. [above] We move milk using gravity to avoid pumping, which damages the fragile milk fat and incorporates excessive air causing unwanted oxidation and off flavors.
Naellely Anguiano pouring freshly made curds into moulds. [below]

The sampler contains:

Laychee (12 oz.): Soft, fresh chèvre-like cheese from pasteurized goat and sheep milk with a tangy, citrusy zing.

Bollie's Mollies (4.5 oz.): Surfaced ripened cheese that develops a fine layer of blue-grey mold as it ages creating depth of flavors to the firm white center.

Velvet Sister (6 oz.): Pennyroyal's newest camembert-style surface ripened cheese that develops a soft, creamy interior as it ages.

Boont Corners, 2 month (6 oz.): Made from fresh raw milk into three pound wheels which are aged over two months.

Boont Corners, Reserve (12 oz.): Aged over 180 days, the texture is hard and the flavors multifaceted.

Cheese and wine must be shipped separately

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