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Pennyroyal Farmstead Laychee
  Boonville, California
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Every goat has a kid or two

Pennyroyal Farm is Navarro's sister ranch in Boonville, where we produce cheese from 120 pampered goats and sheep. We are old-fashioned and believe we have a healthier herd if we give our goats a maternity leave in January and February, before they give birth in March. That means that our most popular cheese, Pennyroyal's fresh chèvre-style Laychee, won't be available much past New Year's. So before the two month hiatus, share some of this soft, light cheese with your friends and family over the holidays. Laychee is a fluffy, moist cheese with a lemony tang that is made from pasteurized goat's milk. The cheesemaker adds only a smidgen of rennet, and it is the high acidity, as milk sugar slowly converts to lactic acid, which causes the milk to form a curd 24 hours after milking. The curds are poured into a cheesecloth bag, from which the whey drains, for another twenty four hours and a bit of salt is added. For an easy hors d'oeuvre, spread on small toast with a dab of fig compote and prosciutto; serve with Navarro Gewürztraminer or Edelzwicker. Gold Medal Winner, California State Fair 2014.

Kidding time is exciting, especially with the arrival of twins or triplets.

pH 4.2
Moisture 59%
Price 6 oz. $8.95
Price 12 oz. $15.50
Price 2 lbs. $36.00

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