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For cheese lovers, whose childhood memories unfortunately include yellow goop which squirted out of a pressurized can, it is sometimes a surprise to learn that cheese, real cheese, is a seasonal product. Pennyroyal Farm is Navarro Vineyard's sister farm in Boonville. Between the end of February and the end of March, about two hundred kids and sixty lambs will be delivered in Pennyroyal's barn. To maintain the vigor of our flocks, we do not milk in January and February or the beginning of March. Our first fresh cheese, Laychee, will not be available until mid-March and our surface ripened Bollie's Mollies will not be ready until two weeks later. During the dry months, Pennyroyal's Vintage and Reserve Boont Corners remain available; three pound rounds have been carefully aging on wooden planks for four to ten months and are complex and yummy. Pennyroyal's Farm to Table Program is the best way to taste handmade, local, seasonal cheeses delivered overnight at their peak of flavor.

Cheese and wine must be shipped separately.
All of our cheeses are made within hours of milking, which is part of the wizardry of Pennyroyal.

As a member, five times a year you will receive a selection of three seasonal cheeses with a combined weight of about 1 3/4 pounds. The annual cost of a five-shipment Pennyroyal Farm to Table Program is $199, about a 20% discount off retail. The next Farm to Table shipment goes out at the end of March. To join, you can put a note on the enclosed order form, sign up on line at www.pennyroyalfarm.com or give Navarro's staff a phone call.

Pennyroyal Farm kicked off 2014 with kudos in both the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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