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2017 Gewürztraminer
  Deep End
  Anderson Valley
  (750 ml) - Sold Out!
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Struts its stuff

The town of Tramin in northern Italy has long been considered the birthplace of Gewürztraminer, but recent DNA research shows that its origins are actually in southern Germany and it is the progeny of the Savagnin vine. In German, "gewürz" means "spice" and because of the name, Gewürztraminer is frequently recommended to pair with spicy (hot) food. Because of the wine's typically higher alcohol levels and modest acidity, we think it pairs better with fatty foods. Alsatian cuisine is an obvious match: pâtés, sausages, tarte flambé, roast fowl and Münster cheese. Our Deep End Gewürztraminer is produced from vines on our upper West Hill planted on thinner soil with less than a meter between each vine. The fruit was harvested cold by hand at night and destemmed without the use of sulfur dioxide into a refrigerated tank to cold soak for three hours; during this time the juice extracted perfume and flavor from the skins.

Navarro's crew reroofing the tasting room in 2003. [above] One of the challenges of maintaining full-time employment for our vineyard and ranch crew is keeping them productive during the off season; as a result most of Navarro's construction projects are completed by the ranch staff.

[above] In 2003, we began replanting our terraced and contoured North Hill Gewürztraminer. By 2017, each separate Gewürztraminer section of the hill had been replanted and was back into production, this time with superior clones, better rootstocks and closer spacing between the vines. The Deep End Gewürztraminer is produced from vines growing in the upper rows of the west-facing quadrant.

After gently pressing, the juice cold-settled for three days to clarify, then was racked to a temperature-controlled oak oval and allowed to warm over several days, giving the native yeasts that were on the grape skins an opportunity to multiply. Once the juice reached 60 degrees a cultivated yeast was added to ensure a complete fermentation. When the fermentation finished, the wine was chilled and the cask was topped up. Sulfur dioxide was added then the wine quietly aged sur lie for eight months. This Gewürztraminer is well balanced with sufficient acidity to strut its stuff: a sexy perfume, notes of ripe tropical fruit and a juicy palate. Gold Medal winner. Best of Show.

Harvested: Sept. 11, 2017 Sugars at harvest: 24.2 Brix
Bottled: May 8, 2018 Cases produced: 311
Alcohol: 13.9% Residual sugars: 0.65%
Titratable acidity: 7.3 g/L pH: 3.35

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