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The berries in a grape cluster are hard at 10 or 11 Brix with no extractable juice; at 12 or 13 Brix they start to soften and can be harvested with maximum acidity for Verjus. We use Verjus as a replacement for vinegar or lemon juice; since the acid is malic rather than citric, the 2019 Verjus flavor is apple-like with a blush from the Pinot Noir skins. For our Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir juices we seek varietal flavors with enough acidity to counterbalance the sweetness—consequently, the grapes are harvested between 19° and 20° Brix.

Teresa packing wine in Navarro's shipping department Josephina (right) and Teresa (left) are full-time benefited employees and have been packing Navarro wine for over 20 years. They started as vineyard workers and during harvest they were noticeably fast picking grapes (Josephina was our fastest picker for years). We decided to use their remarkable skills in the shipping department and if you've received a shipment from Navarro, one of them has probably packed it, with other employees aiding during the busiest periods. Teresa is the primary packer as Josephina joins her husband to work at the winery during bottling and harvest, where she is the primary operator of the destemming machines.
12 Bottle Juice Sampler

5 each Gewürztraminer
6 each Pinot Noir
1 each Verjus
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Teresa and Josefina, packing wine, in the late 1990s
[above] Teresa and Josephina packing about 20 years ago.

Navarro produces world-class Gewürztraminer wine and our juice is just as special—the aromas are floral and the yummy peach-lychee flavors are backed up with lively acidity. You can also add a little Verjus to make the juice tarter and less sweet. Refrigerate after opening; juices typically are delicious for several weeks. Verjus can also be frozen in an ice-cube tray. All three juices are available in 750 ml bottles. $14.00.

Josefina, packing wine in the Navarro shipping department.

6 Bottle Juice Sampler

2 each Gewürztraminer
3 each Pinot Noir
1 each Verjus
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