• 2020 Gewürztraminer Grape Juice
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Gewürztraminer is Navarro's flagship grape and each year our first picking of this aromatic grape is destined for our juices. Gewürztraminer's spicy aromatics make it a particularly fun grape to share with youngsters, or oldsters, or anyone who wants to avoid alcohol. It is bottled in a traditional wine bottle with a cork finish, so you can use a wine corkscrew to open the bottle with a flourish. The grape juice is overtly floral with seductive tropical flavors that make it delicious drunk straight, over ice, or mixed with sparkling water. We even freeze it for "gewürz-ickles" as a treat for our own grandkids.
Within a couple of hours of picking, the grapes are de-stemmed, pressed and then the juice is quickly racked to a refrigerated stainless steel tank to cool. After reaching 33°F, the juice is then filtered multiple times to prevent fermentation and bottled [right] in a sterile environment; the flavors in the bottle are the same as the grapes on the vine.
Bottling Gewürztraminer grape juice

  • Harvested: Sept. 3, 2020
  • Sugars at harvest: 19.8° Brix
  • Bottled: Sept. 22, 2020
  • Cases produced: 974
  • Alcohol: 0.0%
  • Residual sugars: 19.8%
  • Titratable acidity: 6.6 g/L
  • pH: 3.00