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This is Navarro's 40th year of producing varietal grape juices. We harvest wine-variety grapes—free of rot or mildew—slightly less ripe than we would for wine to keep the grape acidity high and the sugars modest. We then destem the grapes, press and transfer the juice to a refrigerated tank and quickly bring the temperature to about 30°F to prevent any fermentation. Next we filter the juice multiple times over several days—always keeping it cold—until the juice is crystal clear and free of yeasts. Finally, as the juice is being bottled, it is filtered the final time to assure sterility. The biggest headache is that juice has to be bottled before our wine fermentations begin so this should all be accomplished in a week or less. Our 2020 Verjus is from estate Pinot Noir grapes harvested a few days after the berries softened for maximum acidity. The Gewürztraminer juice's aromas are tropical and floral with yummy peach-tropical fruit flavors backed up with lively acidity.

Roé Klein in 2020
12 Bottle Juice Sampler

5 each Gewürztraminer
6 each Pinot Noir
1 each Verjus
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Manuel cleaning spouts to the bottle-filler making sure equipment is sterile for juice bottling.
[left] Prior to bottling juice, Manuel has taken apart the bottle-filler and is cleaning the spouts. Juice is a perfect fermentation media so bottling equipment must be sterile.

The Pinot Noir juice is lighter in color than the wine as the grapes have to be pressed within 24 hours after harvest to avoid any fermentation. The fresh, juicy flavors are similar to the wine suggesting plum, strawberry and rhubarb. The Gewürz and Pinot juices can be drunk straight, with ice or with sparkling water. You can also add a little Verjus to make the juice tarter and less sweet. Refrigerate after opening; juices typically are delicious for several weeks. Verjus can also be frozen in an ice-cube tray. All three juices are available in 750 ml bottles for $14.00 individually or with juice sampler savings.

Roé Klein in 2005 with two bottles of Navarro Grape Juice
[above] Navarro winemaker's son, Roé Klein, tasting juice in 2005. Roé (left) now has a degree in chemistry and spent the year doing research. He's currently working crush in a Monterey winery and hopes to work in New Zealand in February.
6 Bottle Juice Sampler

2 each Gewürztraminer
3 each Pinot Noir
1 each Verjus
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